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Composite construction is a type of construction where the load-bearing elements consist of the two most common building materials, steel and reinforced concrete. Through the collaboration of these two materials, the criteria of load-bearing capacity, functionality, seismic performance, and durability over time are optimally satisfied.

The widespread use of mixed constructions around the world, particularly in areas of high seismic risk, is due to their significant advantages. These advantages cannot be ignored by anyone who wants to produce low-cost, high-quality, and fast construction projects.

The important thing is that it is not a prefabrication, we could describe it as such with regard to the stages of the project's construction, as at the moment when the necessary work is being done on site (excavation, etc.), in our company's cooperation factory, the metal frame is entirely constructed with screws in each iron connection using specially processed steel for lifelong durability and in accordance with the specifications of Eurocode 4 on metal constructions adapted to the Greek reinforced concrete regulation. Thus, the result is almost identical to a conventional construction externally, but substantially superior in quality and resistance to fire and seismic stresses.

METCON and our team are at your disposal for any clarification with many proposals and solutions tailored to your needs. The extensive experience of our executives, our specialized scientific and technical personnel, the continuously evolving mechanical equipment, as well as the presence of our team's members for over 70 years in the field, guarantee the interested party a perfect result.

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“Comfortable spaces, natural light in all areas, give us energy for more work.”
AIGIO COURTSHOUSE Courtrooms, Law Offices.
“A modern building, metallic and worthy of the name it bears. Shaped according to the needs of our company.”
AutoVision ΚΤΕΟ Aigiou.
“Renovated facilities, spaciousness, energy-efficient design. A modern "showroom" to present our models.”
Ford Zante Car Dealership