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METCON operates in the field of metal construction, in heavy metal construction projects. Our company manages metal buildings with integrated solutions for design, construction, and erection, including metal frames for stadiums, commercial centers, logistics centers, multi-story metal buildings, composite constructions for homes, and more.

Furthermore, it specializes in providing overhead cranes for lifting loads, silos, tanks of various types, pipelines, bridges, and all kinds of metal products and equipment.

The company applies modern construction architectural standards in the field of building construction investments and is capable of implementing high-specification projects.

Customer testimonials

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“Comfortable spaces, natural light in all areas, give us energy for more work.”
AIGIO COURTSHOUSE Courtrooms, Law Offices.
“A modern building, metallic and worthy of the name it bears. Shaped according to the needs of our company.”
AutoVision ΚΤΕΟ Aigiou.
“Renovated facilities, spaciousness, energy-efficient design. A modern "showroom" to present our models.”
Ford Zante Car Dealership