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The company METCON was founded in 2016 by Panagiotis M. Kostopoulos, with a consistently increasing successful track record in the construction sector for implementing comprehensive building projects in the fields of τουρισμού , της tourism, catering, manufacturing-processing and food industry . Our company is proud to demonstrate secure constructions of high quality and innovation.

ΜETCON from the very beginning, was staffed with highly specialized and renowned technicians and engineers in the field of construction, with many years of experience and a plethora of successful projects in their portfolio, aiming to provide excellent services and deliver the projects it undertakes to perfection.

The purpose of our company is is to fully satisfy the construction needs of each project. The phase of industrialization of the metal parts is controlled through the ISO 9001-2015 quality system processes and the implementation of the EN 1090-1 standard  (Requirements for conformity assessment of structural components (CE marking, certified FPC, (Factory Production Control system) and ΕΝ1090-2 (Technical requirements for the execution of steel structures) for metal constructions, all products of our company carry the CE marking.  The use of steel properties in building constructions adds unparalleled advantages that cannot be easily ignored. Offering unlimited flexibility of architectural design, construction speed, and significant cost savings, the metal building stands out significantly as the ideal choice for any building installation. Each request begins with contact with the interested party, full understanding of their needs, study and implementation of the project, and is completed with technical support during its operation. It is our belief that every intervention in a building complex does not end with its construction and delivery but rather enters a long period of functional management. Flexibility, business ethics, quality, and project completeness are our core values that guide our every action.

Η METCON was also created to provide specialized technical solutions across the entire spectrum of structural and electromechanical installations. Coming from a successful career in the industrial sector, our team of engineers is ready to meet the demands and complexity of modern building systems. We offer scientific training and construction experience to give your infrastructure the technological advantage that will lead to its optimal utilization. At METCON, we apply a holistic approach to electromechanical infrastructure for the best balance of technical and economic solutions. The functional infrastructure that equips a building provides capabilities that make it suitable for our daily living and work. Our field of expertise covers a wide range of electromechanical infrastructure. Our goal is to provide each client with reliable technical solutions that add value to their building complex. The combination of state-of-the-art technical equipment and careful maintenance is a guarantee for safeguarding your investment.

Our primary goal is to honor the trust of our clients who choose us for our ability to carry out projects characterized by time consistency and cost competitiveness. Our expertise and strategic partnerships with strong companies in the field guarantee the quality of the projects we deliver. With prudence and reliability as our guiding principles, we have developed a wide network of collaborators that enables us to respond promptly to all your needs.

We offer our customers comprehensive project design services from the initial stage. This includes preparing a detailed construction program, study, design, and implementation of the project. Our main goal is to offer high-quality and aesthetically pleasing solutions, with very good functionality and realistic cost.

So, we welcome you to our new website… and we hope that your stay on our page will be constructive and substantial.

Yours sincerely,

Panagiotis Mich. Kostopoulos

Managing Director